This Journal is published by the Centre of Applied Sciences and Technological Development
of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Vol. 15
No. 4
Patient opinion mining to analyze drugs satisfaction using supervised learning
Vinodhini Gopalakrishnan, Chandrasekaran Ramaswamy


Parameter idenfication methods for real redundant manipulators
Claudio Urrea, José Pascal

Optimization for benzeneacetic acid removal from aqueous solution using CaO2 nanoparticles based on Taguchi method
Sapana S. Madan, Kailas L. Wasewar
Dye decomposition by combined ozonation and anaerobic treatment: Cost effective technology
Smita Venkatesh, Kumar Venkatesh, Abdur Rahman Qua
New acid dyes and their metal complexes based on substituted phenols for leather: Synthesis, characterization and optical studies
Ghulam Hussain, Nasir Abass, Ghulam Shabir, Makshoof Athar, Aamer Saeed, Rashid Saleem, Farman Ali, Misbahul Ain Khan
Experimental analysis of electro-pneumatic optimization of hot stamping machine control systems with on-delay timer
Bankole I. Oladapo, Vincent A. Balogun, Adeyinka O.M. Adeoye, Ige E. Olubunmi, Samuel O. Afolabi
Analysis of droop control method in an autonomous microgrid
Amir Khaledian, Masoud Aliakbar Golkar
Application of nanoscale ZnS/TiO2 composite for optimized photocatalytic decolorization of a textile dye
Sajad Talebi, Naz Chaibakhsh, Zeinab Moradi-Shoeili
Physical, thermal, and mechanical properties of polypropylene composites ļ¬filled with rattan nanoparticles
Siti Nikmanti, Achmad Syafluddin, Ahmad Beng Hong Kueh, Akhiruddin Maddu
Annealing effect on the mechanical properties of ultrafine WC-Co materials
Yigao Yuan, Lanping Fu, Jianpeng Li
De-noising and spooting extraction from position solution using wavelet transformtion stationary single-frequency GPS receiver in immediate detectrion condition
Mohammad Reza Mosavi, Amir Reza Baziar, Maryam Moazedi