This Journal is published by the Centre of Applied Sciences and Technological Development
of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Vol. 15
No. 6
BiT-SiEm: A packet-level simula on and emula on pla orm for BitTorrent
Alberto Aguilar-Gonzalez, Camilo Lozoya, Carlos Ventura-Molina, Rodolfo Castelló, Armando Román-Flores


A novel Diamond-Mean predictor for reversible watermarking of images
Muhammad Ishtiaq, Arfan Jaffar

Microstructure development, mechanical and tribological proper es of a semisolid A356/xSiCp composite
Hamidreza Ghandvar, Mohd Hasbullah Idris, Norhaya Ahmad, Navid Moslemi
The eff ect of grounding system modeling on lightning-related studies of transmission lines
Reza Sharia nasab, Javad Gholinezhad
Contouring reflective plates along a curved strip using the intensity integration technique: Experimentation and simulation
A. Vijaya, G. Subramanian, V.S. Lakshmipriya
Wireless sensor networks: A survey on monitoring water quality
Mompoloki Pule, Abid Yahya, Joseph Chuma
Forward-backward processing technique for image denoising using FDZP 2D filter
Atul Kumar Verma, Barjinder Singh Saini
Sequential microcontroller-based control for a chemical vapor deposition process
Edgar Serrano Pérez, Javier Serrano Pérez, Fernando Martinez Piñón, José Manuel Juárez García, Omar Serrano Pérez, Fernando Juárez López
Design of thin film solar cells based on a unified simple analytical model
Armando Acevedo-Luna, Roberto Bernal-Correa, Jorge Montes-Monsalve, Arturo Morales-Acevedo
Photo-induced ignition phenomenon of carbon nanotubes by Xenon pulsed light: Ignition tests analysis, automotive and new potential applications, future developments
Patrizio Primiceri, Roberto de Fazio, Luciano Strafella, Antonio Paolo Carlucci, Paolo Visconti
Integrated Taguchi-simulated annealing (SA) approach for analyzing wear behaviour of silicon nitride
Sachin Ghalme, Ankush Mankar, Yogesh Bhalerao