This Journal is published by the Centre of Applied Sciences and Technological Development
of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Vol. 16
No. 1
Effect of oxygen addition on the formation of anatase TiO2 nano-coatings obtained by spray pyrolysis technique
Zineb Benzait, Demet Tatar, Mehmet Ertu§rul


An efficient 3D Diffie-Hellman based Two-Server password-only authenticated key exchange
Anitha Kumari K., Sudha Sadasivam G.

Efficient agent-based negotiation by predicting opponent preferences using AHP
Usha Kiruthika, Thamarai Selvi Somasundaram
Failure Analysis of Stainless Steel Lanyard Wire Rope
A. Sambasiva Rao, A. K. Singh
Static Structural and Thermal Analysis of Brake Disc with Different Cut Patterns
Chetan Babasaheb Chavan, Anurag Shankar More, Nikhil Nishikant Patil, Baskar P.
Exploring the prospect of marine microalgae Isochrysis galbana as sustainable solid biofuel feedstock
Sukarni Sukarni, Sumarli Sumarli, Imam Muda Nauri, Purnami Purnami, Akhmad al Mufid, Uun Yanuhar