This Journal is published by the Centre of Applied Sciences and Technological Development
of the National Autonomous University of Mexico

Vol. 16
No. 3
Comparison of regenerated bamboo and cotton performance in warm environment
Karina Solorio-Ferrales, Carlos Villa-Angulo, Rafael Villa-Angulo, José Ramón Villa-Angulo


Digital counter cell design using carbon nanotube FETs
Mehdi Bagherizadeh, Mohammad Hossein Moaiyeri, Mohammad Eshghi

Comparison of power quality indices and apparent power (kVA) ratings in different autotransformer-based 30-pulse AC–DC converters
Rohollah Abdollahi
Design and evaluation of energy-efficient carbon nanotube FET-based quaternary minimum and maximum circuits
Mohammad Hossein Moaiyeri, Afshin Rahi, Fazel Sharifi , Keivan Navi
A modified high step-up non-isolated DC-DC converter for PV application
Subramani Saravanan, Neelakandan Ramesh Babu
A comparative study of the use of local directional pattern for texture-based informal settlement classification
Abuobayda M. Shabat, Jules-Raymond Tapamo
Automatic speech recognizers for Mexican Spanish and its open resources
Carlos Daniel Hernández-Mena, Ivan V. Meza-Ruiz, José Abel Herrera-Camacho
Nanocolumnar CdS thin films grown by glancing angle deposition from a sublimate vapor effusion source
Luis Germán Daza, Román Castro-Rodríguez, Marco Cirerol-Carrillo, Enrique Adrián Mar n-Tovar, José Méndez-Gamboa, Rubén Medina-Esquivel, Ignacio Pérez-Quintana, Augusto Iribarren
Fully solution-processed zinc oxide MIS capacitors by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis in air ambient
Miguel A. Dominguez, Abdu Orduña-Diaz
Assessment of cutting force and surface roughness in LM6/SiCp using response surface methodology
Aezhisai Vallavi Muthusamy Subramanian, Mohan Das Gandhi Nachimuthu, Velmurugan Cinnasamy
Experimental investigation for graphene and carbon fibre in polymer-based matrix for structural applications
Shankar A. Hallad, Nagaraj R. Banapurmath, Anand M. Hunashyal, Ashok S. She ar, Narasimha H. Ayachit, Mruthunjaya A.K., Lohit R.B., Manjunath Uttur
Proposal of an experimental data and image transmission system and its possible application for remote monitoring smart grids
Ibrahim Develi, Yasin Kabalci